asbestos removal Truro

Asbestos Removal in Truro

asbestos removal Truro

CAS is fully licensed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to undertake the safe removal of all grades of asbestos materials, both licensable and non licensable. We undertake a broad range and size of asbestos removal projects from single domestic dwellings to multi-floor commercial strip-outs.

Once asbestos has been identified CAS can advise you how to deal with it. Not all asbestos needs to be removed. Undamaged asbestos (and even some damaged asbestos) can be made safe by repairing it and either sealing or enclosing it to prevent further damage - a process called encapsulation.

The decision as to how to treat asbestos depends on a number of factors including: the type of asbestos; its condition; its location and the building’s general use. Once we have carried out an assessment we can advise as to the cost of asbestos removal or encapsulation whichever is appropriate. All quotations are issued without obligation and are valid for 90 days.

If asbestos is encapsulated the area will be clearly labelled to help safeguard against further damage and if the property has an asbestos register its location will be noted on this. Once we have been instructed we will usually hope to carry out a removal within two to four weeks depending on our current order book and the need for a 14 day notification (required for licensable grades of asbestos). All asbestos removed and any associated contaminated waste is safely disposed of at our asbestos waste transfer station and a formal Environment Agency (EA) waste consignment note issued.

We are also happy to carry out the collection of asbestos waste that has already been removed. In this situation an estimated price will be provided – the final cost being based on the volume/weight of material collected as detailed on the EA waste consignment note.

Removal of asbestos represents a serious health hazard and should only be carried out by competent and appropriately licensed personnel. If your building has asbestos, or if you are concerned it may contain asbestos, please contact us immediately.

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