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CAS is licensed by the Health & Safety Executive to remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials. Asbestos management involves a periodic review of the asbestos in your property and reassessing the risk. This will depend on the type of material, where it is located in the building and the frequency with which it may be disturbed. Once reviewed we can provide you with a range of options as to how that risk can be managed, either through asbestos removal, repair, or encapsulation.

The starting point of the management process is ensuring all asbestos materials are safe, sealed and clearly labelled. However, new regulations (CAR 2012) insist that any asbestos materials must be managed within a management plan. This plan should be clearly defined and relevant to the building and the business conducted in it. The location and condition of any asbestos containing materials should be logged on an Asbestos Register (which is part of the Asbestos Survey). The dutyholder has the continued responsibility to manage the risks which the asbestos material presents, and in addition, this person may require appropriate training.

CAS can help you manage your risks by developing a suitable Management Plan and carrying out the periodic inspections / surveys required.